Saturday, September 2, 2017

Random picks for Sept 2017

Date: 02-Sep-2017

Watch for buying opportunities in the following stocks :

1. Axis Bank is currently at 507, best buy would be at 506 for a target of 514,519 & 539 in coming days. Stop loss should be at 500.
Potential profit is 1.58% to 6.52%. Potential Loss could be : 1.18%

2. SBI is currently at 278, if it crosses over 282.5 comfortably then the stock may try to reach 289-294 & 299 in coming days. Stop loss should be at 275
Potential profit is 2.30% to 5.84%. Potential Loss could be : 2.65%

3. Bank of Baroda is currently at 138, if it crosses over 141 comfortably then the stock may try to reach 149-154 & 159 in coming days. Stop loss should be at 135.
Potential profit is 5% to 12%. Potential Loss could be : 4.25%

Happy Trading !!!

Monday, June 13, 2016

Friday, June 3, 2016

Price Action Trading: 03-Jun-2016

Nifty (spot), if it is unable to cross 8250, then we may see it slowing down. the important level to watch will be 8150-8160, if it breaks this level then expect correction with first target at 7950-7960 and second target at 7810-7800.
7750-7760 is crucial support for Nifty rally. So we are talking about a good 500 point range for Nifty, i.e 7750 to 8250

However if Nifty remains afloat near 8000 levels then the next likely target could be anywhere near 8490-8590

RCOM: Watch this stock, currently trading near 50, if it sustains above 45 level then it is likely to go upto 59 within a month giving a good 18%+ returns.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Price Action Trading : 01-Jun-2016

Vedanta: stock closed at 108 yesterday (31-May-2016)
Today the trading range could be anywhere between 104-114.

if the stock opens near 108, keep buy order at / near 105 and exit part qty at 109 and remaining qty at/near 112-114. stop loss will be at 100

if the stock opens to cross 110, keep buy order at / near 109 and exit part qty at/near 114 and rest at/near 117. stop loss will be at 107

Option data shows stock is trying to go upto 119-120 with support forming at 90-100

Friday, March 11, 2016

Nifty Analysis

Date: 11-Mar-2016
Nifty opened higher but remained down most of the time, it closed at 7486...about 45 points lower.
In the opening session the important levels to watch will be 7475 and 7505
Any breach of this trading range will take Nifty to 7430-7401 on the lower side and 7544-7550 on the upperside.

If markets remain strong and If Nifty crosses 7550 easily then I expect it to give a good 200 points upward move.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Option Analysis

Date: 10-Mar-2016
Yesterday Nifty Closed at 7531 after making a low of 7424.
7500 is an important round figure, If it remains above this figure it will try to go for 7750 - 7800. Put writers are betting big on 7500 level, twice as much as Call writers  bet at 7500.
7300 on low side and 7800 on the higher side is what Nifty will remain for the moment.
If market surprises the bulls then we may get to see 7350 else 7800 is most likely the next target for Nifty

Yes Bank: Yesterday it closed at 790. Option data seems to show activity in 840 and  740-760 level. If it crosses 800 comfortably, it may target 845-849 in near term.
on the low side 750 level will form support.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Stocks to watch in March 2016

Date: 2-Mar-2016
ABAN OFFSHORE: closed at 162 yesterday after making a low of 157.1
Shorts are being trapped as it broke 157 couple of days back to make a low of 156 and has bounced back. crossing 160 teritory successfuly now it may start targeting 164-167.4-169-172.4-174-177.4 and finally 179

TATA MOTORS: seems to be a good buy between 290-305 for target of 324-339. It is likely to face resistance when it comes near 324 to 339.

TECH MAHINDRA: cmp is 430. From the option data and the chart patterns it looks 410 region is forming a good support for this stock and if it is able to hold 410-430 region, it may try to target 470-490 soon. on the way it may give a pause near 450 to decide the trend. Option sellers are targeting 480 though which is a good 11% from current levels.